Pastor Mark Minnick Holy Land Tour


Pastor Mark Minnick


May 9, 2019 to May 24, 2019

Departs from:

Charlotte, NC

Arrival City:

Tel Aviv, Israel

FRIDAY – May 10 (Day 1): Arrival Tel Aviv – Transfer to Hotel in Tel Aviv

Welcome Home! After having our flight to Ben Gurion Airport, we will be met and greeted by our guide and bus driver to be transferred in our Private Motor Coach to Tel Aviv Hotel for dinner and first overnight in the Holy Land.

SATURDAY – May 11 (Day 2): Joppa – Caesarea – Meggido – Mt. Carmel – Tiberias

On our second day in the Holyland, we will start this day by visiting Joppa, There we will consider the vision of Peter (Acts 10) and start following the sequence of events that lead to the opening of the gates of the early church to Gentiles. As we look at the very place where Jonah ran from the Lord, then we continue our trip to visit Caesarea Maritima , where we will visit the magnificent city with Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader ruins. Here we will elaborate on the story of the baptism of Cornelius, the first gentile convert into Christianity (Acts 10), and on the travels of Paul — those events that led Caesarea Maritima to become the springboard of Christianity to the West. We then head to Meggido , and explore the Tel that goes back in history to 4000 BC, looking at ruins from the times of King Solomon and King Ahab. Overlooking the Armageddon Valley, we will also discuss the reasons why we believe this will be the setting for the final battle between good and evil mentioned in Revelation 16:16, We will then continue to Mount Carmel  and consider the contest between the Prophet Elijah and the false prophets of Baal (I Kings 18), discussing the reasons why the Prophet chose that place for the contest, and the lessons we learn from the story. Then we will check in into our hotel in Tiberias for dinner and overnight

SUNDAY – May 12 (Day 3): Ancient Boat – Boat Ride – Capernaum – Korazin – Gamla

On this day, we will start our day with a visit to the ancient boat museum , containing a recently discovered 2000-year old fishing boat. We will then sail on the Sea of Galilee on a replica of that boat, we will then visit Capernaum , Jesus’ Galilean ministry base. There we will see the house of Peter’s mother in law, in addition to other ruins of the village. We will stand in the ruins of the ancient synagogue where Jesus was confronted by the demoniac. We then proceed to the Mount of Beatitudes and discuss the Sermon on the Mount, and then we continue our way to visit Korazin , Ruins of a Roman/Byzantine town, located above the north side of sea of Galilee, and is referred in the new testament as one of the cities condemned by Jesus. Then we continue to Gamla , nature reserve is a nature reserve and archaeological site located in the center of the Golan Heights. Then we will back to our hotel in Sea of Galilee

MONDAY – May 13 (Day 4): Nazareth Village – Ein Harod – Tel Jezreel – Mt. Barkan

After buffet Breakfast. We will head to Nazareth the boyhood home of Jesus, to visit the oldest churches

“Church of Annunciation and Nazareth Village , then we will continue our way to Ein Harod , this place was founded by the pioneers of Third Aliyah. Then we will visits the Tel Jezreel an ancient Israelite city and fortress originally within the boundaries of the Tribe of Issachar, is a mountain range overlooking the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. Then we will back to our hotel for dinner and overnight

TUESDAY – May 14 (Day 5): Banias – Tel Dan – Tel Hazor – Arbel

After our breakfast at hotel, we will leave to visit Banias , where we will visit the ruins of the pagan altars and consider the confession of Peter in Matthew 16 (“Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Then we will head to Tel Dan , the northern extremity of Biblical Israel, later on the next stop will be Tel Hazer , where we will view the ruins of the largest Canaanite city and the only place that Joshua burned. After that we will have the opportunity to Hike on the Arbel Cliffs . Then we will back to our hotel for last dinner at Sea Of Galilee Area.

WEDNESDAY – May 15 (Day 6): Beit Shean – Jericho – Qumran – Ein Gedi

On this day we will start our trip, by following the Jordan Valley Road to Beth Shean , the capital of the Decapolis. There we will see the ruins of the Roman and Byzantine cities. We will also discuss the demise of King Saul and his sons; we will then continue traveling south to the actual location where John the Baptist was baptizing on the Jordan River. Jericho will be our next stop, where we will visit the Tel of Jericho , with its ancient ruins, pointing out what possibly could be the foundations of the ramparts that Joshua and the Israelites brought down. We visit Qumran (Entrance Included), the location where the Dead Sea Scrolls where found by a Bedouin boy back in 1947. There we will see the caves and other buildings that the Essenes. After than we will be transferred to our hotel in Ein Gedi.

THURSDAY – May 16 (Day 7): Ein Gedi – Ein Bokek – Masada – Arad – Beersheba

After breakfast buffet at hotel, we then continue to Ein Gedi  the oasis in the desert where the meeting between David and King Saul took place (I Samuel 24) and where many of the psalms were written by David, we will have the opportunity to visit Hamaie Zohar Public Beach at Dead Sea, to enjoy the Dead Sea attractions, you will also be able to experience floating in the Dead Sea , the water there are made up of 25% salt and are so dense that it’s impossible to sink. Then we head the mountain fortress of Masada, truly a remarkable piece of history. Then we will travel to Arad, which is a city in the Southern District of Israel. It is located on the border of the Negev and Judean Deserts. Then we will head to our hotel in Beersheba for dinner and overnight.

FRIDAY – May 17 (Day 8): Beersheba – Hebron – Bethlehem – Shepherd’s Field – Jerusalem

On this day we will travel from Beersheba to Hebron near Bethlehem, Hebron with a long and rich history dating to the Early Bronze Period (3500 -2000BC) and was resettled during the Middle Bronze Period, the time coinciding with Abraham. We will visit the Tombs of the Patriarchs, then we will visit Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, there we will visit Church Of Nativity, and we have the opportunity to visit a Christian Souvenir Shop in Bethlehem, to buy some handmade souvenirs from the Holy Land. Then we will visit The Shepherd’s Field in Beit Sahour (Near Bethlehem) there where the angel proclaimed to the shepherds the birth of Jesus (Luke 2:8 – 20) in the manger Then we will check in into our hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight

SATURDAY – May 18 (Day 9): Ashkelon – Tel Lachish – Gath – Valley of Elah – Jerusalem

On this morning we will head to Ashkelon , along the shore of the Mediterranean sea southwest of the city of Ashkelon, then we will make our way to Tel Lachish , is the site of an ancient Near East city, now an archaeological site Lachish is located in the Shephelah region of Israel between Mount Hebron and the Mediterranean coast, then to visit Gath ,encompassing an archaeological site thought to have been the Philistine city of Gath mentioned in the Bible. The remains of the Crusader fort and the Arab village can also be seen on the Tel, then we will visit Valley Of Elah. After that we will be transferred back to our hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

SUNDAY – May 19 (Day 10): Temple Mount – St. Anne – Wailing Wall – Davidson Centre – Holy Sepulchre

Following our breakfast we will head to visit the Temple Mount in the old city, discussing its connection to both the Old and New Testaments. We will also discuss why it is considered the third holiest site in Islam. Leaving Temple Mount we will visit the Church of St. Anne’s and Pool of Bethesda  a perfectly intact Crusader church. It is a wonderful place to gather. Then we continue to visit the Jerusalem Archaeological Park , which is Multi level space in Umayyad palace, holding artifacts from Second Temple to Early Islamic periods. Then we will visit Western Wall, the holiest place for Jewish.  Later we will visit the Holy Sepulchre Church in the old city of Jerusalem. Back to our Hotel for dinner and overnight

MONDAY – May 20 (Day 11): Mt. Olives – Gethsemane – City of David – Hezekiah’s Tunnels – Tower of David Museum

After first breakfast at Jerusalem, we will have the chance to drive around the Old City Gates and Point them, then we will have a great overlook of Jerusalem from Mount Of Olives, then we will go to the private garden for devotional time in Garden Of Gethsemane. Later on we will visit City Of David, excavations of David’s Palace. Conditions permitting, those who want to will then take an optional adventurous walk through the water of Hezekiah’s Tunnel  (1,720 feet long) – conditions permitting. Be sure to bring a flashlight and good water shoes), later on we will visit the Tower of David Museum , which is located near the Jaffa Gate. After that we will have a wall walk from Jaffa Gate to Dung Gate, and then we will back to our hotel for dinner and overnight.

TUESDAY – May 21 (Day 12): Nebi Samuel – Shiloh – Nablus – Samaria

After breakfast we get our Motor Coach and travel to visit Nebi Samuel , is located north of Jerusalem and outside of its municipal boundaries, at a distance of one kilometer north of the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. The locality occupies an area immediately adjacent to the archaeological site, of the same name, and rises 890 meters above sea level. Then we will have the chance to visit Shiloh . The site where the land was divided among the twelve tribes, home of the Tabernacle for 369 years. We make our way then to Shechem in Nablus also to visit the Samaria which is a name for the mountainous, central region of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, based on the borders of the biblical Northern Kingdom of Israel then we will get back to our hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

WEDNESDAY – May 22 (Day 13): St. Peter in Galicantu – Israel Museum – Western Wall Tunnels

On this day, we will start the day to visit House of Caiaphas , then we will visit the Israel Museum , where we will see the Model of Jerusalem, and where there is the Dead Sea Scrolls, later on we will enter and visit the Western Wall Tunnels , After noontime is free time for personal shopping and sightseeing. Dinner will be served at Hotel

THURSDAY – May 23 (Day 14): Garden Tomb – Temple Institute – Jewish Quarter – Yad Vashem

On the last day in the Holy Land we will visit the Garden Tomb, the possible site for Jesus resurrection     then we will visit the Temple Institute , then we will visit the Jewish Quarter which is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. The 116,000 square meter area lies in the southeastern sector of the walled city, then we will head to visit Yad Vashem the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem is located on the western slope of Mount Herzl on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem

What's Included


Roundtrip Non-Stop Flight – Wide-bodied trans-atlantic jets.

Porterage of Baggage – Your bags will be put on buses and taken up to your room for you.

Air-Conditioned Motor Coaches – Ride aboard a brand-new, private, air-conditioned motor coach.

Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee – Complete the experience with prayer and singing on a 2,000 year old boat replica.

Guides Knowledgable of Historical and Biblical Context of Sites Visited

Superior First Class Hotels – We stay at only the best hotels the area has to offer.

Group Photos and More – Get a group photo and tons of photography opportunities!

Two Meals Daily

Comprehensive Sightseeing – With plenty of time and opportunity for pictures.

Limited Trip Size – We strive to make your trip special and unique, so this trip offers limited group size.

Entrance Fees to Places Visited – Walk right past the ticket booth with all your Entrance Fees paid in advance!

Special Rabbinical Tunnel Visit

Masada Visit Including Round-Trip Cable Car Ride to the Top

*Some accommodations may be changed on certain tours depending on the leader’s wishes. Please see your dedicated tour page for more information.


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