Why Biblical Journeys

Biblical Journeys LLC is in the unique position to offer services to both the traveler desiring to tour places of Biblical significance and helping the tour leader who wants to organize a teaching trip of their own. As our website finishes it’s construction you will be able to find trips that we are currently offering with many other pastors and church leaders who are part of the experience. You may know of them and it would be natural for you to accompany them on their next trip as you learn and grow with them about the Holy Land.

Or maybe you are a spiritual leader looking for a way to engage in this special teaching opportunity. We can help you get organized, book flights, hotels and ground transportation and secure guides and gain entrance to the various sights around the Holy Land. That is what we do. But we aren’t a cookie-cutter agency. We want you to develop your own trip, with our help. We can help, but we will never impose. So allow me a chance to tell you who we are and why we are here in this important task.

We want to serve you in whatever way we can to get you to the Holy Land, or the Missionary Journeys of Paul or on a Reformation Tour. contact us and let us know how we can help.

Our Team

Our team is what makes Biblical Journeys the best. From guiding to operations support and marketing, our team makes sure that your tour to the Holy Land is met with excellence and care before, during and after your trip.